Create an oasis in your home.

Start with a vision, end with a masterpiece! With so many options to choose from, your shower will be unique and tailored to your taste. Frameless glass showers are custom made to fit your space and will modernize your home.

Ask us about Clarvista Glass

Lab tests prove Clarvista
stays clearer longer

If left unprotected, even the highest quality glass can become dull and hazy after years of heat and humidity in a shower enclosure. Protect your investment by using Clarvista Glass to provide supreme clarity and lasting durability.

Unlike sprayed-on coatings, the Clarvista Glass coating is fused to the glass during manufacturing, sealing the glass surface with a lifetime protective barrier. So with regular maintenance, shower enclosures built with Clarvista Glass will maintain their beauty and clarity for many years to come.

Inline Glass Shower

A great space-saver, an inline shower is practical and also lends a stylish and contemporary look to a bathroom.

An inline shower can span the width of a bathroom, maximizing available space. Doors can be hinged off the wall or off an adjacent glass panel, highlighting the benefit of custom design.

90 Degree Glass Shower

90 Degree shower styles can been customized to the owner’s preference. The beauty in all our shower systems is how easy it is to install into your space with your individual needs and wants in mind.

We measure, design, cut and install all our showers to your specifications. You dream it, we do it!

Sliding Glass Shower

Sliding shower doors are typically chosen for baths and large showers. The doors overlap with a smooth, quiet sliding action.

They don’t require the extra room needed for a pivot or hinged style, so they’re great for saving space in a small bathroom without sacrificing a luxurious and eye-catching shower.

Custom Glass Shower

If you have a vision in mind for your shower, we’ll work with you to make your dream a reality! We will measure, design and install your enclosure to your specifications./p>

Our expertise and wide selection of hardware allows us to work with pre-existing bathtubs, glass to wall or glass to glass installations.

Saving energy saves you money!