Keep your home secure with Weiser hardware.

Choose from our wide selection of Weiser deadbolts, doorknobs, handle sets, levers, padlocks and pocket door locks. Our unbeatable combination of options will bring style and safety to your home.

Weiser Deadbolts

Keep your home secure with our selection of deadbolts. From manual to electronic, we have your safety and convenience covered.

Weiser Doorknobs

We have doorknobs to match every home. Whatever your style, we have what you need.

Weiser Handle Sets

If you’re looking to add some flair to your front door, you’ll love our variety of handle sets.

Weiser Levers

If you’re looking for something other than a standard doorknob, we have levers in different styles and colours that will complement your home.

Weiser Padlocks

Keep your other property secure with our Weiser padlocks. Extremely durable, you can trust your valuables will be safe in your shed, locker or toolbox.

Weiser Pocket Door Locks

If you’ve got a pocket door in need of a lock, we have solutions.