Weiser Premis Electronic Deadbolt
Weiser Premis Electronic Deadbolt
Weiser Premis Electronic Deadbolt Weiser Premis Electronic Deadbolt Weiser Premis Electronic Deadbolt Weiser Premis Electronic Deadbolt Weiser Premis Electronic Deadbolt

Weiser Premis Electronic Deadbolt

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Weiser Premis Electronic Deadbolt


Weiser's Premis is a touchscreen smart lock that has Apple Homekit compatibility. With Premis you can use Siri voice commands to lock and unlock your front door from anywhere!

Did you remember to lock the door? Who's coming and going from your house? What if I need to let someone in while I'm not home? When did the kids get home from school?

All those questions can be answered in seconds using the Premis deadlock from Weiser. For years we've managed the important aspects of our lives from our smartphones. Why not have the same control over your home? Premis is designed to help you look after your home and family --even when you're away.

Premis offers the following:

Remote Access - Never worry about remembering to lock the door again! With a 3rd generation or later Apple TV you have access to control your Premis

User Codes - You can assign up to 30 customizable codes to family, guests, and service professionals like the dog walker or cleaning service. The Premis app notifies you when each code is used so you're always in the know.

Lock Status- You can easily check the lock activity and lock stats using the Premis app. Whose user code was used last and when? You'll always know!

In-Home Locking and Unlocking - If you're already cozy in bed but can't remember if you locked the front door it's not a problem! Check the stats of your lock and lock it from your iPhone.









Multiple Levels of Security

From mechanical advancements to the latest electronic encryption, Premis delivers all the trusted security features from the number one lock selling brand Weiser.

Premis is engineered for security. It has been tested and graded by ANSI/BHMA (American National Standards Institute/Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association) and has end-to-end encryption. These two features are only two examples of the mechanical and digital security built into Premis. Explore all the safety and security features that were made for the world you live in.

SecureScreen technology provides additional security by employing random digits prior to entering your personal code to prevent fingerprint and code detection on the touchscreen surface.

Advanced Security Features

•Mastercode - Restricts users from adding or changing existing codes

•Code Alarm - An alarm sounds after three incorrect consecutive codes are entered

•Secure Mode - Disables all user codes at a touch of a button for immediate security control.

•Auto Lock - Turn on auto lock to automatically lock Premis after unlocking for added security

Premis App

The Premis App gives you control over your home in the palm of your hand. You can manage user codes, track lock status, receive lock notifications, and more through the Weiser Premis app.

You can manage up to 30 customizable user codes and create a schedule that only allows entry into your home during certain times that you specify.

One Time - This code can only be used one time within the next 24-hours. It's ideal for giving access to contractors who require a single instance of entering your home

Limited - This one can be used anytime or recurringly within set dates and times. It's great for service providers like housekeepers who have a consistent appointment at your home

Anytime - This code can be used every day at any time and is perfect for friends or family who come and go frequently

Limited by Day - If you have guests or are doing updates to your home this code is for those moments because it can be used anytime within a specific date range. It's ideal for people who are only meant to stay from one date to another

In addition to these features you can also use Siri voice commands to check the status of your door lock. It's that easy, quick, and convenient.

Other Premis app features you'll love

•View Lock Activity - You can view a complete log of your lock's activity with dates and times it was locked or unlocked, as well as how it was accessed (via phone, user code, or manually)

•Lock Status Notifications - Get notified whenever a user code is used so you always know who's at home, even when you're on the go!

•Secure Mode - You can disable all user codes with just the touch of a button. It's perfect for when you're on vacation and need to prevent any access to your home.


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