Weiser Kevo Deadbolt
Weiser Kevo Deadbolt
Weiser Kevo Deadbolt Weiser Kevo Deadbolt Weiser Kevo Deadbolt Weiser Kevo Deadbolt

Weiser Kevo Deadbolt

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Weiser Kevo Deadbolt

What is Kevo? ​​

Kevo is a Touch-to-Open smart lock deadbolt, powered by your smartphone and Bluetooth, by Weiser. You’ll never again have to worry about fumbling to open your door with your hands full, in the dark, or if your keys are at the bottom of your purse.

Kevo gives you control over your home and maximizes security. It detects if you’re inside or outside your home to help prevent unauthorized access and uses multiple levels of encryption. This means it’s pick resistant, bump proof, and is enabled with Weiser’s Smart Re-Key Technology so you can still use a traditional key.

With Kevo you can send electronic keys (eKeys) to family, friends, scheduled appointments like a housekeeper, or a repair person. You’ll be able to track your eKeys, who used them and when from your app.

No smartphone? No problem! An electric fob allows kids or visitors to use the Kevo lock and extra fobs are available for purchase. The fob can be kept in a pocket, purse, or backpack and Kevo responds to it the same way it does your smartphone using Bluetooth technology.

Are you interested in learning about the whole Kevo family? Click here!

The Kevo App 

The Kevo App gives you control over your home from anywhere!

Track who comes and goes - Give family and friends access to your home from your phone and get a notification when they use one. 

Control who has a key and when - You can give, remove, or customize access to your digital eKeys from the Kevo app. You can even assign a scheduled eKey for regular visitors like the house cleaner or dog walker, or give someone a 24-hour eKey that's deleted automatically once the time expires. 

Get alerts on lock activity - When people come and go from your home Kevo sends notifications so you can rest assured your family is safe.

Kevo in Your Smart Home

Kevo Convert can be used in your home with the other Smart products you already love!

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