Guardian doors by Prestige are one of the essential decisions when building or remodeling a home. Doors can easily complement the style of a home with an appealing design, as well as provide security and energy efficiency.

To Add Decorative Glass Inserts to your Door, please go to the “Novatech” section and add the glass as a seperate item. We will be adding the functionality to add glass directly to the door in the future, but for now, please use this chart to see which glass sizes fit each door type:


Door Type Glass Sizes that fit
2 Panel Orleans 22″x48″
Flush 20″x64″, 22″x64″, 4@12″x12″,  3@22″x17″
London 22″x36″
Victoria 21″x14-3/4″
4 Panel 22″x9″, Half Moons
2 Panel Planked Camber Top Typically No Glass 
6 Panel Typically No Glass
Sidelights 8″x36″, 8″x48″, 7″x64″