PlexiDor Extra Large 

For dogs up to 220lbs

The panels on the PlexiDor XL Door and Wall units are manufactured using a solid 3/8” thick sheet of shatter-resistant acrylic instead of the thermo-pane panel design. This makes the panels virtually indestructible for larger dogs up to 220lbs. Each panel comes equipped with factory-installed chew proof aluminum trim around all four edges and on both sized of each panel.

The 1/2” wide aluminum trim prevents damage to the panels from chewing, which sometimes occurs with larger dog breeds.

The doors come in three frame colours: Silver, White, and Bronze. The Silver frames are anodized, while the White and Bronze frames feature a baked-on powder coating, similar to the appliances in your home.

The PlexiDor Door Series is designed for installation into any standard exterior household door, and can be installed into doors made of wood, fibreglass, steel, and glass. You can save as much as 10% off your energy bill thanks to PlexiDor pet doors because it opens fast and closes tight!

Features & Benefits

The PlexiDor pet doors are made with the consumer and pet in mind and ensure the following features and benefits:

•Never purchase a replacement flap again

•Shatter resistant saloon-style door panels provide durability and insulation

•Maximum energy efficiency thanks to thermo-pane panels lined with high-density weather seal

•10 year residential warranty 

•90 day money back guarantee