The Powerbolt 2 improves on the original Powerbolt by Weiser and the latest in home security technology. Weiser has put 110 years of experience and product innovation into the Powerbolt 2 to bring your family the best to protect your family.

With the Powerbolt 2 you can eliminate the need for keys–enter your home with your own personal code! No more lockouts or hiding keys under the mat. You can store up to 6 unique user codes to share with anyone–family, friends, guests, neighbours, the dog walker, etc.

•Re-designed sleek metal design

•BHMA Grade 3 certified (The Builders Hardware Manufacturers                                                                                                                                                              Association rates hardware based on progressive perfomance benchmarks)

•Illuminated keypad

•6 user access codes

•Temporary one-time code

•MasterCode feature for improved user access code management

The Powerbolt 2: Easy to install. Easy to program. Easy to use. Easy to love.