This configurator is meant to give you an estimate on your railing project. More details will need to be discussed with a sales representative to complete the order

Please use these tips to help price out your railing:


  • “Total Length of Railing” is in inches and represents the total size of all runs. For example: a simple deck that comes out from the house 10 feet, over 20 feet, and back 10 feet, you would enter 480 inches in the “Total Length of Railing” field.

  • There is a maximum distance between posts for glass railing. Maximum distance between posts for 36 inch high and 42 inch high railing is 60 inches. Maximum distance between posts for 60 inch high railng is 42 inches.

Glass Panel with Top Rail

  • Glass Choices: (5mm,6mm) – Clear, Matelux, Tinted, Bronze, Grey, P62, Rain
  • Height Choices: – 36″, 42″, 60″, Custom heights available​

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