Gothic Doorlite
Gothic Doorlite
Gothic Doorlite Gothic Doorlite Gothic Doorlite Gothic Doorlite

Gothic Doorlite

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Brand: Novatech
Product Code: K-NOV-Gothic
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Gothic Doorlite

Privacy Level: Private  

Wide rectangular caming bars with welding recalls the spirit of a noble architectural past and highlights the elegance of the diamond shape.

Designer's advice: looks great with Satin glass.

See the Custom Products tab for inspiration for your own installation or

Standard Features

Energy-efficient glass: Energy-efficient glass has a low emissivity surface which reflects heat radiation. Depending on its position in the glazing, it will keep the heat inside the house or prevent it from entering.

Spacer: Novatech uses aluminium spacers in stained glass products.

Argon: The argon gas in your glazing reduces heat transfer by convection and improves energy efficiency.

Technology: Made the traditional way, Novatech stained glass windows feature triple-glazed windows. The stained glass is in the middle between two clear glass.

Frame: Frame size varies according to glass size.

Standard dimensions

Insulated glass size: 13 ⅞”×79” , 22×64”, 7×64”, 22×48”, 8×48”, 15 ²¹⁄₃₂”×39 ²⁵⁄₃₂”

Opening size: 13 ⅞”×79” , 23×65”, 8×65”, 23× 9”, 9×49”

Insulated glass thickness: 1”



It's possible to change the included frame with one of the following:

- Contemporary: Extruded PVC frame, white, UV resistant, non-yellowing, easy to paint, screw cover caps.

- NovaPVC: Extruded PVC frame, white, UV resistant, non-yellowing, easy to paint, screw cover caps.

- Stainable: Extruded woodgrain PVC frame, beige, must be painted, screw cover caps.


Flat patina of 3/8"

Textured glass

It's possible to change some of your stained glass panes to adjust the level of privacy. See the Custom Products section for more information.

Designer's advice 

In order to meet your needs, Novatech offers customized solutions for this product:

- Change the standard metal caming bars for one that better suits your needs. For example: Zinc, brass, plated, etc.

- Adjust the level of privacy by changing one or more textured glass panels.





Novatech suggests two entrance styles to help guide your choice regarding this product:

#1 - Chic (Ultimate Sophistication)

The choice of stained doorglass, combined with matching stained glass sidelites and transom, will bring unmatched distinction to your home. This chic configuration will add beauty and value to your home.






#2 - Pure Chic (Trendy Sophistication)

Emphasize your doorglass selection by matching it with textured glass sidelites and transom. This elegant pure chic combination has a refreshing look, providing perfect harmony between your architectural style and the current trend towards simplicity.

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