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Doors are the seal and access point of your home. They can transform the look of your house and can play a crucial role in climate control. At Kruse Glass & Aluminum, quality is our priority and that’s why we stock two of Prestige’s door collections: Guardian and Symphonie. We also carry a variety of Weiser handle sets, electronic deadbolts and hardware that make a statement and provide your home with the security it needs.

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Choosing the Perfect Entryway


Choosing the Perfect Entryway


Sliding Door Systems

Prestige offers a diverse selection of quality sliding doors in many configurations sure to meet your project requirements. All Prestige Symphonie patio door systems feature double insulated tempered glass, giving you reliable and secure entrance. This, combined with smooth functionality and a clean and open look are just a few of the reasons our customers continue to use patio doors for renovations and new home construction.
All Symphonie patio door systems offered by Prestige Window & Door are a great way to connect your home with the outdoors. It’s time to open up your living space.
Sliding doors include a screen on the outside. This screen locks out bugs, animals and debris while allowing the scents, sounds and breezes from outside to pass through. Because sliding patio doors can expand to greater widths than hinged doors, they allow much more air to pass through on a breezy day.

Purchasing Tips


Pick the glass style according to the amount of sunlight you want transmitted to the inside of your house.


Keep in mind the location of the door on your house. If it will be unprotected on the north or west side of the house, you’ll want to choose weather-resistant materials for the frame and tempered, insulated glass.


If you can, always buy thermal glass to help maintain the indoor temperature of your home.

Check out our popular entryway styles

  • Elevation Murano Silkscreen Venting Doorlite


  • Weiser Halifax Lever (Round)


  • Bistro Doorlite


  • Chanelle Doorlite


  • Weiser Trapani Lever


  • Satin Doorlite


  • Elevation Murano V-Groove Clear Venting Doorlite


  • Murano Doorlite


  • Weiser Troy Knob


  • Weiser Halifax Lever (Square)


  • Weiser Milan Lever (Round)


  • Distinction Satin Doorlite



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Handle sets, levers, door knobs, deadbolts, padlocks, pocket door

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