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Whether you’re looking to renovate your house or building a new one, you will find windows you love at Kruse Glass & Aluminum. We make it our priority to provide quality windows that not only look great, but also help protect your house from cold winters, heat waves and noise pollution.

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Top choice for performance

Available types: Casement, Awning, Picture, Bay and Bow

Prestige products are crafted with the utmost attention to energy efficiency, durability and beauty. Because the sash creates pressure on the frame when closed, these windows offer better air constriction than sliding windows of equal quality.


Perfect for historic homes

Available types: Single Slider, Dual Slider, Single Hung, Hopper

Prestige windows add real value thanks to outstanding energy performance, secure hardware, and easy-maintenance features. The most widely installed window style in North America, slider windows have clean, simple lines, and are easy to open and close. Prestige offers sliders for a variety of climates and markets.

The look of real wood, inside and out

Available types: Casement, Awning, Picture, Bay and Bow windows.

Gorgeous, energy efficient and maintenance-free. Prestige products are crafted with the utmost attention to energy efficiency, durability and beauty. No maintenance and no deterioration inside or out.

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The awning window opens from the bottom of the window. It’s superior in providing thermal protection and ventilation. A unique characteristic of the awning-style window is that it can be left slightly opened for air flow while preventing rain from entering the room. The awning can be combined with other Prestige window styles to create different designs that fit the look and needs of the building.



The casement is hinged on the top and bottom and opens like a door. This provides superior ventilation, easy cleaning from the interior, and excellent energy savings. In fact, the casement is the most energy efficient of all the ventilating style windows.


Fixed Picture

A fixed picture window is non-ventilating and is used to create maximum viewing area. As with Prestige’s entire window line, they can easily be combined with any other window style to create a design that will complement any architectural style.


Single Hung

A single hung window is a window with a fixed upper sash and a movable lower sash. The lower sash can be raised to allow a free flow of air, and the sash may also be designed to tilt so that it can be easily cleaned from the inside. Maintain the traditional and classic look of a hung window with the features of a modern UPVC window. Well designed for great energy performance, noise reduction and strength.



A hopper window is a single-style window that has a hinged opening, similar to a casement window. Hopper windows can come in a variety of sizes. The hopper window is a common style of window for small areas and openings, such as basements and bathrooms. Hopper windows provide easy cleaning access to interior and exterior surfaces.


Single Slider

Single slider windows operate horizontally (side to side). One sash does not open and the other sash moves. Included is a screen that covers half the window. The moveable sash moves sideways and can tilt into the room for easy cleaning. Added features such as extra weatherstripping and a sash encapsulated into the frame will ensure that drafts cannot break through. Our windows are manufactured to tight standards so that when locked, there is virtually no slop or movement.


Bay windows are 3 wide windows usually with casement flankers and a larger fixed unit in the middle. Available in different angles, the bay window helps to accentuate an existing opening. They are available with a head and seat board as well as an exterior roof and base if required. Bay windows are more than just windows, they are combinations of windows that reach out into the world.



The bow window is a bank of 4 to 6 window frames joined together to form an arc. This unique window style is available with a head and seat board
as well as an exterior roof and base if required. Bow windows are more than just windows. They are combinations of windows that reach out into the world so you can bask in the scenery surrounding you.

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