Keep seeing clearly with our wide selection of auto glass.

Glass replacement doesn’t just enhance cosmetic appeal, although it certainly does that. At Kruse, our technicians install durable glass that will promote safe driving. Our glass meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

We’ll quickly repair or replace the glass in your personal vehicle or your commercial fleet. You’ll benefit from glass services that are both cost-effective and high quality.

The Kruse Commitment

We’re committed to responding quickly to your needs with long-lasting auto glass repair and replacement. Our glass products are affordable for the quality you receive. Don’t be tempted to spend less on low quality glass that will easily crack and break. Get it right the first time with Kruse Glass & Aluminum.

Did You Know?

Windshield chips typically crack within a year, 80% within 2 years and
90% within 3 years!

Common Windshield Chips

Our glass is SGI Accredited and meets the following Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards:

  • 208 Standard: The windshield must provide a strong support when the airbag deploys.

  • 212 Standard: The windshield must stay in place during a head-on collision to prevent passenger ejection.

  • 216 Standard: The windshield must prevent the car’s roof from collapsing when the car overturns, protecting the car’s occupants.